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Glacier Water


GLACIER_bigOur product represents the results of years of research and development of aquaceuticals©, the new generation of evolved health products.
Based on the richest informational carrier, water, the new aquaceuticals© represents the next generation of product aimed to heal and rejuvenate.

By carrying beneficial elements collected from the depth of Mother Earth and enriched with the amazing Brown Gas the aquaceuticals© are bringing a new era in the science of holistic healing.

GLACIER WATER® is high-end specialty water brought from over 160 meter depth of the remains of the glacier melting at the end of Ice Age.

At least 10000 years old the Glacier Water has passed in its journey to the surface through the minerals and trace elements enriched layers of the Swedish Småland’s Highland Mountains and finally gets to the end user untouched by the surrounding air or light until the moment of use.

Carefully bottled in batches of 50 bottles at the most, under the highest thinkable hygiene and safety the Glacier Water is bringing you the joy of an amazing taste, the perfect roundness of senses and the healing powers of the rich trace mineral beds.