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About Our Products

healthfriendAll our products are carefully developed with the customer’s health in focus. We are using the highest quality components and organically grown seeds and plants.

All our products are enhanced with Solis Splendor, our own breed of ORMUS. Splendor Solis, “The Splendor of the Sun” is one of the most well-known alchemical texts.

Splendor Solis sets forth the philosophy of alchemy, a world view according to which the human being (the alchemist) exists and acts in harmony with nature, respecting divine creation and at the same time intervening in the process underlying that creation, all the while supporting its growth with the help of alchemy.”[1]

In the same way, all our products are the result of a process of production in harmony with the nature and with respect to the values of the divine creation.

Each product is carefully developed individually and not in batches or large series.
Therefore, each product has its own energy transferred later to the user.
Obtained from a volcanic mass originating from the sands of the Ice Age when the Scandinavian glaciers started to melt and release the Mother Earths energies.

All this is a part of each and every product you can get from Healthfriend™.